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Age of the 80’s Babies

COLD STEEL features art and illustration that inspires our childlike wonder. As an artist is important to identify the origins of your creative direction. Only then We rediscover fuel for the creative fire from today and beyond memory lane. For many of us the influences from a childhood in the 1980’s are often waiting to be set free. We invite you to embrace the cool, the radical and the outrageously commercial side of the art world.

As us 80’s babies are reaching mid-thirties more if this iconic influence (really the 1970’s aesthetics) shows up in pop-culture. Before lamenting the over saturation of space-operas and pixel art just for nostalgia’s sake let’s give illustration it’s well deserved glory. Illustrator’s like Norman Rockwell and Frank Frazetta completely smash the stereotypes of fine art.

Please enjoy this first mini-issue,
Brett Mungo, Editorial